What is a Chillable Hour?

Welcome to the Chillable Hour or chillablehours.com (because you might need more than one)!

In the legal world, a lawyer’s time working on client files is often accounted for through “billable hours”. This blog is about the time in your day spent looking after yourself outside of work – your chillable hours.

Are you a young professional trying to figure out where you fit in the working world and how to find happiness balancing you work and at-home self? This is a space for you too.


About Me

Hello! You can call me J. It’s nice to meet you!

I am a junior lawyer working as a litigator in big law, who is looking to find her place in the legal profession. I am passionate about staying involved in the world outside of my law firm (or my glass tower as I like to call it) and promoting mental and physical well-being in law.

If you are a law student or thinking about applying to law school, you might be wondering a bit more about how I got to where I am today and how I decided to become a laywer. I actually left high school thinking that I wanted to be a doctor, more specifically a neonatologist. I was born very premature (almost three months early) and always had this dream about helping premature babies myself.

Fast forward to my third year of undergrad in biology. I ended up volunteering at a legal aid clinic on campus and loved working with clients and completing some basic legislative research. Then further inspired by the example of my older cousin who also went into law school after doing a science degree, I wrote the LSAT and applied to law schools in the fall of my fourth year of undergrad.

I completed law school at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. After law school, I articled as a litigator with a big law firm, where I continue to practice today.

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